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“Getting good advice before buying is the best investment”

Before deciding to buy, getting expert advice about the right choice of UPS product is the most important investment you can make. By analysing your actual requirements and ascertaining the correct dimensions, follow-on costs can then be avoided. Professional installation and start-up, as well as training in the proper use of the product, will later guarantee the optimal operation of the system.

We offer you:

- Performance measurements/performance assessments
- EMC and network feedback measurements
- Determination of requirements and analytic assessment
- Determination of the appropriate size and selection of UPS unit
- Technical documentation
- Factory acceptance test
- Organisation of transport
- Installation/difficult installation with additional components
- Assembly and start-up
- Load measurement/load transfer
- Instructions (operation of the UPS unit)
- Individual labelling of the UPS unit and full project documentation
- Start-up and hand-over protocols
- Customer training in small groups or individually
- Training on site or at the factory
- Training documents/materials
- Certification for course participants